Who is Luna Amani?

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Fun loving, mumpreneur, Cordwainer graduate, partner, mother to Marley, 9 and philanthropist; Luna Amani has been designing women’s accessories for more than 20 years.

Stimulated by her rich Persian legacy, Luna designs her collections borrowing from her youthful memories in Iran and the 21st-century feelings of a designer dedicated to “giving something back”.

A crucial factor that has influenced Luna’s designer life comes from her cherished Persian aunties. Three tailors that affectionately designed her childhood wardrobe.

Luna dedicates the same level of love and consideration to detail into her own designs, to reflect the care and commitment dedicated to each piece that her aunties created.

After many years in the design business, Luna started working on her primary collection as an extension of where she has been so far and where she hopes to go in the future.

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The Luna Amani signature colour is green which is rich in symbolic representation, it has stayed consistent throughout her collections and symbolises freedom.

Geometric shapes, octagons and angles are also a consistent influence in Luna Amani collections, originating from Islamic geometric patterns and Persian carpets or rugs.

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