Welcome to the Luna Amani blog


Welcome to the first of our new weekly blog posts direct from Luna Amani HQ.  I’m Joanne Plumley, Communications Coordinator at Luna Amani and here is a little bit more about me:

I’ve recently been fortunate enough to join Luna’s team straight from my final year on BA Media, Culture and Journalism at the Creative hub that is the newly renovated Atrium, University of South Wales. My dissertation is focusing on moral panics caused within print media journalism during the 1990’s.

I decided to become a mature student at the ripe old age of 36 after working as an English as a Foreign Language teacher for 13 years and finding a passion in teaching academic writing. I have had the pleasure of teaching and working in countries such as China, Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi, as well as numerous academies and Universities in the UK.

I have always loved fashion and moved to London with my (still) best friend to work in merchandising at Selfridges department store, Oxford Street aged 18.

 Whilst in London I also worked for 90s high profile fashion brands such as Kookai and Karen Millen. I’ve combined my love of fashion plus writing to contribute to an aspiring, on trend local magazine, where I wrote numerous articles, one of my favourites being “My guide to thrifty thrifting”, which really encompasses my love of vintage fashion.

I am tremendously enthusiastic to be part of the Luna Amani team, accessories (especially handbags) are a big part of my fashion mantra for life, one of my major influencers being the heavily accessorised 97-year-old New York native Iris Apfel. Therefore, to be working for the uber talented and innovative Luna Amani at her small bijou studio located in the heart of Cardiff is a dream come true. I also look forward to writing our Luna Amani weekly blog posts and likewise, on occasion, handing over to guest blog writers and Luna Amai herself.